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Luke 22 is the chapter in which Luke tells of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, the Last Supper, the arrest of Jesus, and Peter’s denial that he is a follower of Jesus. Once again, while Jesus is facing trials, while he has a lot going on, he instructs the disciples to be like a servant.

Luke Chapter 22:27 ~ Later, the apostles began to argue about which one of them was the most important. But Jesus said to them, “The kings of the world rule over their people, and those who have authority over others want to be called ‘the great providers for the people’. But you must not be like that. The one with the most authority among you should act as if he is the least important. The one who leads should be like one who serves. Who is more important: the one serving or the one sitting at the table being served? Everyone thinks it’s the one being served, right? But I have been with you as the one who serves.”

Being a servant does not mean that we are unrewarded. It’s quite the opposite; God's greatest servants receive the greatest rewards. “Who is more important: the one serving or the one sitting at the table being served?” The world regards the one who is served as greater, but Jesus showed us that true greatness is in serving, more than in being served.

Jesus did not mean that if you serve in a lowly place, you will always be given a great place. He meant that in God’s eyes, the lowly place is the great place.

Think about this, the people who are really great in our lives are the servants. If elected officials took a month off, no one would really miss it; but if all the trash collectors in the country took the month off, we would notice, things would get messy. Jesus is trying to re-arrange our thinking, our priorities.

The hero in Christ's army is not the one who has rank and title. It is the one who is kind to all, thoughtful for all and has a heart to feel for all. This is the truly great man in the eyes of God! Let's follow greatness like this, let's minister to the needs of others. Let’s do good for bodies and souls.

Let’s Lead. Let’s Serve.


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Luke 21:1-4 ~ Jesus looked up and saw some rich people putting their gifts to God into the Temple collection box. Then he saw a poor widow put two small copper coins into the box. He said, “This poor widow gave only two small coins. But the truth is, she gave more than all those rich people. They have plenty, and they gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor, but she gave all she had to live on.”

From these verses, we learn that Jesus closely observes the things that are done here on earth. We read "He looked up and saw the rich men putting their gifts into the collection box. He also saw a poor widow putting in two copper coins."

At this point, one could imagine that Jesus would have been completely occupied with the things immediately before Him. His betrayal, His unjust judgment, His cross, His passion, and His death were all close at hand. Yet he is taking note of all that is going on around Him. It is not beneath Him, to observe the conduct of a "certain poor widow."

Nothing is too little to escape His observation. He measures littleness and greatness very differently from the measure of man. Events in our own daily life, to which we attach no importance, are often very important in Christ's sight.

Take comfort in this mighty truth. Remember daily that Jesus takes account of everything that is done on earth, whether it be deeds or gifts, Jesus recognizes the smallest contributions as He makes the largest contributions.

To believe this thoroughly, leads to contentment. Contentment is an attitude that says “I will be happy with what God has given me and what I give to the Kingdom of God”. Stand firm, and you will win life.