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THE CHRISTMAS STORY ~ DAY 1: A Christmas Tradition. Beginning December 1st, read one chapter of Luke each day through December 24th. There are 24 chapters. By Christmas Eve, you will have read all 24 chapters, an entire account of the birth, ministry, sacrifice on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Join me as I work my way through the Book of Luke and together let’s celebrate Jesus as the Reason for the SEASON!

On my way to YOU!

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Yesterday I took a walk. It was a beautiful sunny fall day. The path was rocky, uneven, filled with gaps and puddles. I had to watch my step.

As I walked, I thought about the life path the Good Lord has put me on. Rocky. Uneven. Gaps. Puddles. All leading me to who He created me to be.

I am in Maine to speak at a teaching conference. An opportunity given to me because I persevered. Navigated the rocky paths. Stayed the course and BELIEVED.

There have been many people and situations that have tried to hold me back in my career, including myself. I am not giving any more life to that.

Today I am giving life and much gratitude to the people on my path that have been by my side in the uneven moments, have filled in the gaps with inspired wisdom and who are by my side making a splash in the puddles!

Today as I sip my coffee by the bay and reflect, I look forward to future opportunities. To teach. To inspire. To help others on their path to YOU!